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The most important aspect of any tree removal is getting a competitive quote and having the job done well. We are the specialists! Call us today for your FREE Quote or click here to fill out our online request form.

You may have had a recent natural disaster such as a wind storm that had damaged your trees. Some of these storms are powerful and will cause your trees to lean. Leaning trees pose a threat to your residential property and your commercial business property alike. No matter what you are looking for in commercial or residential tree removal, Oakland Arbor Care is the company to call!

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Tree Removal

One of the biggest parts of tree removal is stump removal. Simply removing the tree from your residential or commercial property is only part of the job. Stump grinding is the act of removing the stump by mechanically grinding and chipping up the remnants.

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Tree Cutting

We specialize in the cutting down of trees on residential and commercial property. There is more to tree cutting than pulling out a chainsaw and chopping them down. Safety is our primary concern at all times. The health of your trees is another concern. We want to help you by solving your tree service problems.

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Emergency Services

The most common tree service we see outside commercial and residential is emergency tree removal. There is nothing more urgent than having a tree service issue that occurs during the wee hours of the night or on a weekend when everyone if off. Oakland Arbor Care is available 24-7 for your emergency tree removal.